An Internet exchange point (IXP) is a physical location where Internet infrastructure companies such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) connect with one another.

Local Traffic Remains Local
Reduced Latency Between ISPs

Benefits of a
Local IXP

Reduced Costs : ISPs & End users
Reduced Costs : ISPs & End users
Benefits Local Content Creation and Hosting Initiatives

The consumers are enjoying fast data retrieval of local content and increased quality of service.

Increased Resilience

Increase the number of direct paths and routes between networks which increases the stability, resilience, and robustness of the Internet

Reduced Latency Between ISPs

By keeping local traffic local and avoiding international links, providing substantial local bandwidth, and improve local Internet performance.

Local Internet Traffic Remains Local

The IXP physical structure is made up of a switch, routers, servers and is installed in a neutral location

Reduced Costs

The operators save money on interconnection costs because the operators only need to pay for one connection to the IXP and peer with all other operators present at the IXP.

Attract Local

Attract Local Businesses, Customers and Content Service Providers.

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What We Actually Do


IXP Namibia is a non-profit organization (registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act of Namibia) dedicated to the establishment and operation of an Internet exchange point and other related Internet infrastructure for the benefit of Namibian Internet users.

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